Wednesday, September 5, 2012


wow it has been awhile since i have posted and I don't have any followers except my mom and my brother but hopefully I will get some soon.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


I'm sooo sorry i haven't posted lately. I just started doing all this stuff like girl scouts and volunteering at our local theriputic horse farm and doing horseback riding. Anyways I just wanted to say a little something about the heat in houses.It is starting to get a little chilly outside and soon it will be winter. During the winter people will turn up thier heat but that wastes money and energy.If its cold in your house instead of turning up the heat try puttin on a jacket or some socks or a hat.You could even just use a blanket.Well that is all for today so bye now.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Windows. I know. I know, windows seems like a boring subject but windows is only part of what im gonna talk about. During the day you don't need to have all of your lights on at all unless you don't have a window.You can turn off your lights, and open your blinds or curtains and let some sunlight in. That way you wont be wasting electricity. Plus your parents (or you) will save money by not having to buy lightbulbs more often.Some of you may be thinking, i dont have a very big window in my room, well i dont either but it keeps my room well light.
My mom is calling me to do the dishes so i better go do that bye. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I know I know the title is something you don't want to be thinking about but this is really important. You are probably getting ready for the school year right now (or you are in school). How do you  get to school, do you ride the bus,you/your parents drive, walk,bike. etc.?  Well I am really glad if you walk or bike. Most of you might think that the bus is the most environmentally hazardous but its not its better than having you or your parents drive to school. Driving to school causes traffic jams and  unnecessary gas wasting. it also reduces the effects of greenhouse gas emissions. Walking to school,taking the bus or, biking will save ton of gas which is being wasted every day by careless people so walk or bike or wait at the bus stop.(Plus if you walk or bike you get in shape or stay in shape)

just a ps

In June I got the Justin Bieber movie and there was a purple ticket in it and it said to enter a code on a website. It told me i won a JB t-shirt and a hand signed film cell and im sooooo excited here it is teheheheheheh lol bye imma go watch the movie now (or climb a tree).

Friday, August 5, 2011


Here is a little poem i wrote about today.

Today is a sunny day.
The sky is blue the grass gently blowing in the wind.
The birds are chirping along with the crickets. 
Mother natures sweet sounds.
And there I am hidden in a tree.
Watching the cars pass by wondering.
How else could this day be better.
It's not hectic like the Monday thru Thursday.
Today is Friday.
Remember reduce,reuse,and recycle